Sunday, July 2, 2017

Smithsonian Folklife Festival Washington D.C. (29 June-July 4; July 6-9)

We celebrate 50 years of Folklife in 2017, and on July 8 and 9 we invite you to our 50th reunion weekend with stories about early days of the Festival and a look to the future, as well as special workshops and performances. Share your favorite Festival memories and photos in person or online.
This year we’re bringing the rich history and diversity of American circus arts to life on the National Mall. Visitors will see more than just a performance—you’ll go behind the scenes to learn from generations of circus families, mergineg artists, and contemporary visionaries.Focusing on youth, culture, and migration, we’ll explore how American culture has been shaped by the movement of people to and within the United States. Together we will examine immigration and migration through cross-cultural and intergenerational dialogue about our collective past and future.From chainsaw carvers to Southern potters, religious scroll painters to silversmiths, participants in the Smithsonian Folklife Festival have created a remarkable array of “storied objects” during the annual event. It is both an unintentional collection and a wonderful treasure.


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